“Mama I made it!”

Because, well, everybody knows, once you sit on Ellen’s white sofa, you have indeed reached the pinnacle of success.  It seems like just yesterday Khaled was simply Deeeeeeeee-jay Kahled! WE THE BEST! Ya know, that guy you heard on smash hits but nonetheless didn’t know all that much about. Today? Worldwide Media Mogul thanks to Snapchat.

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Recently signed under Jay Z management, Khaled stopped by The Ellen Show and chopped it up with Ellen spreading nothing but positive energy and good vibes reminding everyone to stay away from the infamous ‘theys.’

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Ellen praised Khaled for coming on the show because she claimed,

You are what I talk about everyday. You’re about positivity and not negativity.  Sometimes a lot of artists use negativity and you do the opposite. You stay away from ‘them’.

Catch the interview below.

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