Recently, it has been reported that Atlanta rapper Pastor Troy is having a baby with Ashley “Minnie” from the reality show Little Women: Atlanta. XXL spoke with the rapper and he has denied that the baby is his. Pastor Troy stated that “she’s pregnant, but not by me.”

According to the New York Post’s “Page Six” Troy and Minnie are expecting a child.  In the preview of the March 23rd episode of Little Women: Atlanta Minnie confirms that she is having a baby with Pastor Troy.  A couple weeks ago, Pastor Troy posted a photo of himself with Minnie along with the caption,“Beyonce ride that surfboard, my baby ride skateboard! Shots look like regular drinks!”

Minnie has stated that her and Troy have been together for 8 months although, her cast mates have never seen them together. Not too long ago, Troy shared on Instagram that they have called it quits but since then the post has been deleted.

Source:  XXL

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