What’s good with Fifty? Does anybody know?

The rapper turned moguel had another less than stellar day in bankruptcy court. According to a report from ABC News, a court has called for a full, independent review of 50’s assets because they speculate that he is not being 100% honest in his claims.

Judge Ann Nevins has not ruled on the official request as of yet but she has also expressed concerns over the discrepancies between the two finical statements he has filed with the court. According to reports, officials have said that his true income is hard to report because of certain stakes he has in some limited liability companies.

Is the Money 50 Posted on IG Fake? According to Him… It Is…

Luckily for 50, some of the people he owes money too have set up payment plans for him. According to the reports, he owes about $17 million for a lawsuit involving his headphone line and about $7 million to Lastonia Levison for leaking her sex tape back in 2009.

The funny thing is this hearing came to order in the first place because of an Instagram photo that showed him posing with a stack of money. 50 has since claimed that the money was fake. But it gets better, since leaving court he has posted yet ANOTHER photo with money but this time it’s in his waist belt. Seriously 50?

With antics like this, this case could get even more interesting. Check out the IG post below.

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