A couple days of good weather and people lose their minds. A little before 11pm yesterday (March 9) in Wilkinsburg, Pa. at a backyard barbecue two people allegedly started shooting and killed five people and left three in the hospital.

According to WPXI there was a barbecue being held at the residence in Wilkinsburg when two shooters started shooting and people began trying to flee toward the door on the back porch to get away. The news report stated that  the shooters were shooting from two separate places, in what’s being described as an “ambush” style shooting. One shooter was shooting from a neighboring backyard and the other from a close alleyway. Lt. Andrew Schurman of the Allegheny County Police had this to say about the event:

It looks like right now that they were all fleeing toward the back door of the residence when the second gunman fired from the side of the yard. They all seemed to get caught on the back porch.

The two gunmen are  still on the loose and police are looking for any information from people that might have witnessed the event.

Prayers up for the families and victims of this horrific event.

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