Malachai Jenkins and Roberto Smith prove that it’s possible to leave negativity behind and become a positive person in the community by starting catering company called Trap Kitchen.

Jenkins and Smith shouldn’t be friends, much less have a business together. The two men were former members of rival gangs the Crips & the Bloods. Jenkins being a Crip and Smith being a Blood brought the two men negativity that they didn’t want any parts of anymore. “All money isn’t good money, Jenkins told FoxLa “ It worked for me for a little while until it started to get me into trouble, so I had to find something legit to do.” Jenkins partner, Roberto, echoed his sentiments admitting that his previous gang life involved violence and shootings, but now that he’s in the kitchen, he doesn’t go through that.

After Malachai attended the culinary school Le Cordon Bleu he started posting pictures of his meals and the orders started coming. How Trap Kitchen works is, Jenkins posts on the daily menu on his Instagram and people start placing their orders. Trap Kitchen serves everything from Chicken & Waffles to a popular dish the men call the Pineapple Boat, which is made up of King Crab, lobster, jumbo shrimp and salmon over white rice covered in Teriyaki Sriracha sesame seeds and green onions placed inside a pineapple. Jenkins wants people to know:

As long as you stay positive and stay away from negative vibes, and keep at it everyday, you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Salute to these two gentle man! You can follow the restaurant on Instagram @TrapKitchen_Food.

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Source: Fox La.


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