After releasing his Compton album last summer, inspired by the release of the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, Dr. Dre seems to be in the mood to make music again. Lucky for Dre fans, he’s teaming up with longtime collaborator Mark Batson for the adaptation of the graphic novel LOADED.

According to HiphopDx, Dre will work on an audio accompaniment to the book, which is slated for a fourth quarter 2016 release. 

LOADED tells the story of an elite nameless assassin, as explained by Robert Patla, General Manger of OUM, which released LOADED “Imagine if James Bond or Jason Bourne came from the streets of The Wire.” “Typically with these kinds of stories, you only get a glimpse of these hardened assassins as adults…but at one point, they were normal…they were kids. The uniqueness here lies in the detailed depiction of the transition …the evolution from Brooklyn teenager to loyal soldier. Now imagine that story, set to the music of Mark Batson and Dr. Dre.”

The television adaptation of LOADED which is in the development stags of the series is set to focus on the perspective of the female assassin Sinthia Warren, aka Sin, who is also Washington, D.C.’s most respected dominatrix.

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