Last Sunday, LeBron James took to Instagram to share a video with his nearly 19 million followers of him working out on an off-day following back-to-back games the previous two nights.

James, who has expressed his passion and love for the game of basketball on numerous occasions, yelled into the video and asked how many people would work out following a busy schedule. However, the two-time Finals champion and 4-time league MVP took his admiration for basketball a step further.

When speaking to the media this week, James addressed rumors about his willingness to slide over to the power forward position in order to make room for Joe Johnson, the now former Brooklyn Net whose contract was bought out by the team following the trade deadline. James did not deny the rumors, telling he’d sacrifice for a guy like Johnson “to help us try to win a championship.”

The part that caught the attention of many was what James said afterward.

“Man listen, I’ll do anything to win. I’ll kidnap my momma to win,” James said with a humorless expression on his face.

We all know how much James and his mother, Gloria, have gone through over the years, from financial struggles throughout his adolescence to moving from one apartment to another before settling into one close to his teenage years. James was obviously joking (we hope) about kidnapping his mother, but it goes to show just how much “The King” loves the game and how much he is willing to sacrifice to win.

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