The race for the Democratic Presidential nomination is very close so Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Hilary Clinton debate for the second time this week, yesterday (March 9) in Miami.

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The debate comes after Sanders was able to win Super Saturday by winning states Kansas and Nebraska, while Clinton only took Louisiana.  In a very surprising upset, Sanders also won Michigan in what’s considered Super Tuesday Part Two.

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At the Miami debate the two democrats talk about the Michigan upset, Immigration, and Clinton’s email controversy where she allegedly put private government information at risk by using a private email on a private server. But the most interesting portion was when the candidates were asked about Donald Trump and whether he was a racist. Neither candidate gave a straight Yes, answer. Sanders would say, “I think the American people are never going to elect a president who insults Mexicans, who insults Muslims, who insults women.”  While Hilary pushed the question back on the American people by saying America can make up their own mind about Trump and that he promotes very un-American values.

The two would also go on to have a small back and forth about policies in Congress dealing with the topic of climate change.

Watch some of the clips below and you decide who won.

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