The topic about whether to raise minimum wage is a subject that America is split on. But this video of war veteran, Derrell Odom making his case on why minimum wage should be raised may make you be in agreement with increasing minimum wage.

Derrell Odom served two tours in Iraq in the Marine Corp. When he came back he got a job working at KFC as a cook. Something Odom loves and takes a lot of pride in. Only problem is, he only makes $7.25 p/hr and cannot even afford to put a roof over his child’s head. Odom speaks on how one week he worked 45 hours and his manager put the extra five hours into next week to avoid having to pay Odom time in a half. Some of what Odom says in the video:

I don’t want my son to look at me like I’m something less because I have to work for $7.25, when I bust my butt everyday and I take pride in what I do.

Watch the jarring video below.

Should Minimum wage be raised to $15 p/hr?

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