One day after the Redskins released QB Robert Griffin III, former tight end and teammate to Griffin, current ESPN 980 radio personality Chris Cooley, went on air and slammed Griffin with comments about his time in Washington.

Cooley, who played with Griffin in 2012 during the team’s miraculous run to the playoffs, spoke on the relationship between Griffin and current starter Kirk Cousins, who was taken in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft by the Redskins after the team traded up to make Griffin their top overall pick.

In what developed into a roller-coaster four seasons with the Redskins, Cooley, who has been harsh on Griffin in the past, decided to reveal some things about the relationship between Cousins and Griffin, as well as his relationship with other members of the team. And although much of this has been speculated by sources claiming to have knowledge of the situation, it was eye-opening to hear Cooley expose troubles of the organization, things that usually remain in the locker room

“I don’t think Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin are going to be drinking any beers together. One, Robert doesn’t drink, and Kirk rarely drinks,” Cooley said. “From the moment Kirk was drafted, I think Robert had animosity towards him. A lot of people hated that fourth-round pick; I don’t think anyone hated it as much as RGIII hated it.

“The offensive line did not like Griffin,” he continued. “A lot of the receivers did not like Griffin…Receivers didn’t like playing with Robert, because they didn’t get the ball. It was never consistent, other than a couple in 2012; they struggled with that. So they didn’t like Robert. … Robert did have friends, of course he had friends, but there were a lot of guys on this team that said it doesn’t benefit me — as a player, as an individual — and we don’t know if it benefits the team with him under center at this point. That was what really happened in that locker room, in talking to a lot of those guys. That’s not me saying I think they would have perceived it this way. It’s me talking to a lot of players in this locker room, as friends, and understanding why the dislike or why the problem.”

The aftermath of Cooley’s comments were met with much criticism and attacks. Redskins defensive lineman Ricky Jean-Francois demanded an interview. Former Redskins Brian Orakpo and Terrance Knighton, both of whom played with Griffin, expressed their anger toward Cooley, with Orakpo tweeting that he’d smack Cooley if the two crossed paths.

Jean-Francois ended up joining ESPN 980’s broadcast with Cooley, expressing his views and telling him to let the speculation become a thing of the past. “Let the man go, let’s close the book, he grew from a boy to a man. Let him go and continue his career elsewhere,” said Jean-Francois, adding that there was respect between the two quarterbacks, and that Griffin “never did a thing wrong to Kirk.”

Washington is now a thing of the past for Griffin, but the chronicles of his time as a Redskin won’t fade away any time soon.

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