What a time to be thankful for freedom of speech and exercising our First Amendment rights!

Last night Mac Miller made an appearance on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  with his own State of the Union address. The Pittsburgh rapper didn’t bite his tongue as a proud American with a lot to say regarding presidential race-runner Donald Trump.

Miller jumped right in with, “I only have one thing to say: I fucking hate you Donald Trump,” and continued to ‘white-splain’ what was on his mind to Trump and his supporters.

There was no sugarcoating here when he decoded the meaning behind Trump’s tag-line, “Make America Great Again.” Miller gave viewers the translation no one could have anticipated, “We all know what that really means. Ban Muslims, Mexicans are rapists, black lives don’t matter. Make America great again? I think you want to make America white again.”

He then went on asserting his position as a proud American, “You know what I’mma do if you get elected? I’m staying right the fuck here. I’mma be here everyday telling the world how much I hate you, how much of a clown you are.”

Round of applause to Mac for his timely and much needed speech that was accompanied with a smile.  Check out the mouth-full below!

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