Weeks after being leaving from MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry finally speaks about her tension with the network. She appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered to give her side of the story.

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During the interview, Dr. Harris-Perry brought up the fact that the network is, “Less concerned with questions of racial and social justice and less interested in highlighting a variety of concerns that shows like mine and others had been quite focused on over the past couple of years.” This is what she claims began the tension between her and the network.

She also mentioned that larger audiences appear during an election year, but is also irritating for her show in particular because although elections are important, horserace coverage is not the main focus. The focus on the election and political coverage, especially for her and other show hosts of color on the network is a big shift, making it one of the only things they cover during an election year.

“It became clearer and clearer that we were an odd entity on the network,” said Harris-Perry. “By the time we were getting to 2016, it was pretty clear that the show was something that wasn’t very much like anything else that was happening at MSNBC.”

Listen to the whole interview below:


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