It’s been over a month since rumors surfaced that the Browns were releasing former Heisman Trophy winner and first round draft pick, Johnny Manziel.  Today, Cleveland officially cut the cord.

He’s been with the team for only two seasons which have proved to be less than impressive.  Manziel started only 8 games for the team, the fewest by a QB that Cleveland selected in the first round in the common draft era.

After just his first season in which he received minimal playing time, he entered a rehab facility.  The following season, a video was released where he was seen partying and the team then demoted him to 3rd string.  Even after being given another chance, his former girlfriend Colleen Crowley filed charges against Manziel stating that he hit her, rupturing her left eardrum.  The case is still pending.

He will receive $2.17 million over the next two seasons.  That is, unless another team decides his talent and potential is worth the headache and media scrutiny.

And well, if we need another reason not to trust Donald Trump;

Manziel has no agent or a team, is it over for his NFL career? We’ll keep you updated with the latest as it develops.

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