Soundcloud surfing has become a lot of people’s new favorite pastime. Here’s how it works:

You go on Soundcloud and listen to a track. Let’s say a Kanye West track. Soundcloud has a list of “suggested songs” on the side. After the Kanye West song ends, Soundcloud then plays the songs from the suggested listen. This is a great way to discover new music.

Rory Fresco has this feature to thank for his new deal with Epic Records! When Kanye West uploaded ‘Real Friends’ on Soundcloud back in January, Roy Fresco’s ‘Lowkey’ was the first track to play immediately after. Within 24 hours the streams for ‘Lowkey’ went from 5,000 to 150,000.

When Pigeons and Planes spoke to Fresco he said:

“The whole Soundcloud thing helped my record pop off, and they heard some other records. I decided to sign because I wanted to get to the next level. My plan was never to be an underground artist. I want to be the biggest in the world.”

‘Lowkey’ was streamed 1.7 million times in two months. Check it out below

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