In most history books there is very limited information about black history, when speaking on black history we get Martin Luther King Jr, Malcome X and the civil right movement. But there are many untold stories out there that one must know. One of them untold stories is of the black soldiers who biked from Missoula, Montana to St. Louis, Missouri.

Summer of 1896, 20 members of the 25th Infantry, an all-black company out of Fort Missoula, Montana, had been volunteered by their white commanding officer, 2nd Lt. James Moss, to study the feasibility of using bicycles in the military. Trying to find a substitution for horses which required rest and water, the company traveled 1,900 miles to their destination.

Through bad weather, rough road conditions and heavy bicycles, the men took the mission. Some didn’t even know how to ride a bicycle, the reason bikes have just been invented.

Read more on these brave men and their will power here

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