Chipotle gave away 3.5 million burritos to show that their food is safe to consume despite their ongoing outbreaks of salmenolla, E. coli, and norovirus.  Due to the outbreaks sales have plummeted and resulted in the company closing all restaurant locations on February 8th to have an employee safety meeting.

After Chipotle updated their safety guidelines they sent out coupons for free burritos.  5.3 million people requested coupons and two-thirds of the people actually used them.  The coupon approach made customer feel less “eerie” about eating Chipotle.  Reportedly, Chipotle has found the source of E. coli outbreak and the company, co-chief executive officer Steve Ells assures that Chipotle is taking all percussion to distribute quality food.

“We have many more fresh ingredients in the typical fast-food restaurants. And so, there are potentially a lot of sources for such an incident. We have been looking with the CDC, with our epidemiologist, with food safety experts, with local health departments and nobody initially could identify what the source was. We think we have a pretty good idea, but not definitively are we going to say what it was.”

“Every single ingredient now that we bring in has been scrutinized, every single cooking technique has been scrutinized and we’ve made a number of changes and a lot of these changes also have been for the better, I mean the food actually tastes better.”

Source:Buzz Feed

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