DJ was fined for disorderly conduct after playing N.W.A’s 1988 classic “F*** Tha Police” at a bar in Massachusetts. The incident took place back in October when police officers were attempting to clear out a bar due to the capacity limit.  The bar holds only 160 people, there was over 350 people in the bar at the time of the incident.  While the police officers were trying to shut everything down DJ Boogy played N.W.A.’s “F*** Tha Police.”

In a police report officer Juan Mejas stated, “I believed at that time the combination of alcohol, the excessive amount of people in the bar and the song that the DJ chose to play at that time was an intentional act by the DJ to incite the crowd [that] showed a reckless disregard for public safety.”​

DJ Boogy spoke out and shared that it was not his intention to start a riot. “It was just college kids having fun…For them to even think I was trying to start riots was frustrating for me.” DJ Boogy claims that he played the song for a short period of time before turning it off because it was already part of his set.  On March 11th, Westfield court ruled that the DJ Boogy was responsible for disorderly conducted and he was directed to pay a $50 fine.




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