After a few teaser clips made their way onto the web, Larry King‘s full sit down with rapper (and actor) French Montana is available. The Moroccan born entertainer gave his insight into the ongoing Taylor Swift and Kanye West feud, the Drake-Meek Mill feud, his love for Khole Kardashian and the whole Kanye WAVES album controversy.

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When talking about WAVES he gave a huge shout out to Max B:

A friend of mine–his name is Max B, he’s incarcerated right now, doing 75 years–and “waves” was his thing. That was how everybody knew him. His name was Silver Surfer. So, I just feel like a lot of the people that followed the movement kind of took offense to that because, you know, it looked like he just took his whole style, which he actually didn’t know about Max B, you know, so when I spoke to him now I gave him all the info, you know, about Max B. Max B ended up on Kanye’s album.…Yeah, but he changed it to ‘The Life of Pablo,’ but he still put Max B on the album ’cause he’s got another song called “Waves.”

Watch the video above.

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