Mark Wahlberg and The Rock have two less fans thanks to the success of their HBO show, “Ballers.”

TMZ reports that Everette Silas and Sherri Littleton are suing The Rock and Wahlberg for $200 million, claiming that “Ballers” is a rip off of their show called, “Off Season.” Silas and Littleton claim there are 27 similarities between the two shows including location and plot. The two filed suit in December,bee and HBO calls the case “frivolous.”

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Here’s the story according to TMZ:

Silas and Littleton claim they brought the idea to Wahlberg, The Rock and their managers in 2009 but the project fell apart over a creative credit. They claim the similarities include

— Both “Ballers” and “Off Season” are about football players and their lives off-field

— Both are set in Miami

— Both center around African-American athletes

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