Today, March 17, we celebrate our boss!  The myth, the man, and the legend of radio, Ebro Darden! Always there for people to place blame on when something goes wrong (especially in NY radio) people often don’t mention Darden’s victories, or the reasons he’s been able to have a successful career in radio for over 20 years.

So we gathered 10 moments that prove Ebro’s legendary boss status:

  1. That time Apple hand picked Ebro to host his own show on their Beats 1 radio service:

2. Ebro wasn’t always a lead radio personality at Hot 97, before that he spent 10 years playing a background role as the station’s Program Director, making the music playlist for Hot 97. But when the station needed to go a different direction as far as creative on-air personalities, Hot 97 knew just who would be perfect for the role:

3. Being the boss is hard. Sometimes you have to chin check folks to let them know. Ebro had to do this with Rap Radar Podcast Host, B.Dot. When B.Dot started questioning how records get played on the radio, Ebro quickly let him know that throwing money at DJ’s gets you nowhere at Hot 97:  

4. The time when former Hot 97 DJ, Mister Cee was going through his allegations, instead of simply cracking jokes and coming down on the Dj, Ebro had a genuine dialogue with Mister Cee. Ebro let Mister Cee tell his side of the story and let him know, no matter what, Ebro and Hot 97 would have his back:

5. No stranger to controversy or confrontation, when 50 cent blamed Ebro for single handedly ruining New York rap. Ebro addressed 50 cent right back with no problem:

#Part1 #EbroInTheMorning responds to #50cent! (View previous post) A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

6. If you didn’t know, Ebro showed his acting skills on the season finale of hit web series, “Money and Violence”:

7.  The saying, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out,” is something most parents say. But when Ebro say’s this to his daughter, he literally means it. Nothing is more boss then delivering your own child in the bathroom of your own home, and that’s exactly what Ebro did:


8. You know Hot 97’s Summer Jam right? It’s one of the biggest Hip-Hop festivals in New York. Well Ebro’s the one that makes sure the event runs smoothly:

9. Everybody makes mistakes, but a real boss admits his mistakes. During the Ebro In The AM morning show, a caller disrespected Rosenberg. Not being one to see his cohost and friend disrespected, Ebro quickly took up for Rosenberg and made sure the caller knew that Ebro wasn’t for the disrespect. Later, Ebro would tweet out his mistake of losing his cool on air, but the moment is definitely a boss move.


10.  The Meek Mill vs. Drake beef had the whole world buzzing. When Funkmaster Flex was supposed to deliver a Meek Mill diss record but didn’t, Ebro had defended Flex because other stations were going at the dj mighty hard. Ebro spoke up and let the other station know who the real boss was.

Ebro Darden, whether you like him or not has earned his spot and his opinion matters in HipHop. He proves true to the saying, “Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Well, cheers to a long life, Ebro.

Happy Birthday Oldman Ebro!  WE appreciate YOU!

About The Author Erikka

Erikka is a NYC transplant by way of Philadelphia. She's a writer and media personality for The Radio Failed Podcast and has interviewed artists such as Mickey Factz, Dee1, and more!

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