The Georgia high school teacher who made national news by reportedly telling a female student “Your purpose is going to be to have sex and children because you ain’t never gonna be smart,” resigned on Monday (Mar. 14th).

Former Greene County High School teacher Cory Hunter continued verbally abusing 16 year old Shaniaya Hunter by saying he never met anyone as “dumb” as her, “I’ve been around for 37 years, and clearly you are the dumbest girl I have ever met.”

Shaniaya, who suffers from severe vision problems, was recording a lesson on her iPad when she asked Hunter who Sojourner Truth was. That question sent Hunter into a five minute tirade about how Shaniaya’s sole purpose was to have sex and make babies. She recorded the whole incident on her iPad.

After seeing the recording, Shaniaya’s mom went directly to school officials who did nothing. It wasn’t until family lawyer Ben Windham threatened to sue the teacher and the school, Hunter resigned.

Greene County School System Superintendent Chris Houston told Atlanta-Journal Constitution that Hunter will not be returning to the classroom and is submitting his resignation and has verbally expressed his apologies to students and faculty.

So, a teacher got mad at a student for asking a question that she didn’t know the answer to. Hunter was lucky that she wanted to know enough to ask because she could have went her whole life not knowing vital information like who Sojourner Truth was. Then when she’s 20 and doesn’t know her black history, we get mad. If she can’t ask a question in a classroom with a teacher whose sole job is to educate her, then where can she ask? That set a president for the rest of the class who maybe scared to ask a question ever again in fear that it would be labeled a dumb question and they would be embarrassed.

Source: Vibe

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