A Missouri native, Bernie Squitieri almost lost a portion of his life savings when he realized he accidentally threw his wife’s wedding bands into the garbage!

The 54-year old apparently saw a paper towel lying on the kitchen counter and tossed it into the trash just as anybody would’ve done. Shortly after, he then took the trash out and personally gave it to the sanitation worker on duty for disposal.

At this time, Bernie didn’t realize his wife Carla’s wedding band and anniversary ring were both in that paper towel. Both rings together costing the grand total of $400,000, could’ve potentially been gone forever! It didn’t dawn on him until he saw his wife packing when he realized what he had done.

With little to no time to track down the truck, they were able to find it and convince workers to search through 10 tons of garbage. About 25 minutes into their search through the trash and dealing with the awful smell, they surprisingly recovered the rings! He told ABC News:

“It was the best feeling in the world to find that ring and give it back. I was raised a certain way and it’d have more meaning to them than it would have for me.”

In this case, they were truly fortunate in more than one way!

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