On Wednesday, Mar. 16 at SXSW music conference, First Lady Michelle Obama gave the news that she doesn’t have any plans to run for president at all.

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Joining Mrs. Obama on stage was actress, rapper, and former talk show host, Queen Latifah who asked the First Lady if she’d run for president.

“No, no. Not going to do it.”

When the crowd heard her answer, some were heart broken. The first lady went on to explain that she will continue the work that she has started, but her daughters Sasha and Malia are a big reason she’s not going to run. “They’ve handled it with grace and with poise” she said, but she wants to be there for her children.

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Although Michelle Obama is the First Lady of the United States, she isn’t your typical “president’s wife”. During her husbands term in office, Mrs. Obama has made quite an impact on the nation. She has created initiative supporting the education of young girls worldwide and healthy eating nationwide. She’s pushed higher education on the youth and even created and e-book initiative!
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Alongside “Saturday Night Live’s” Jay Pharaoh, her recent rap video regarding the benefits on attending college has been seen by millions and gives a great message. I think it’s safe to say what whether Michelle Obama is in the White House or her own house, she’ll never stop making a difference! Check out the video Below.


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