The movie Nina hasn’t even hit theaters and it’s the center of controversy on the internet because of the casting of Zoe Saldana to play, the activist singer, Nina Simone. But the founder of RLJ Entertainment, which is distributing the film, Robert Johnson is clapping back at the detractors of the movie.

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Zoe Saldana definitely needs some help taking the heat off of her with the Nina Simone movie. Even the Nina Simone twitter account chastised her for quoting Simone in one of her tweets. But some people have come to Saldana’s aid. Actress Paula Patton urged for people to give the movie a chance, claiming that Saladana is beautiful and a wonderful actress and that she got the role because obviously someone thought she would be perfect. Founder of RLJ Entertainment, Robert Johnson, claimed that color shouldn’t be an issue with creativity. He cited the real issue with Zoe playing Nina had to do with the African American community’s issue with colorism. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter he says:

That’s where some of this comes from, when you hear people saying that a light-skinned woman can’t play a dark-skinned woman when they’re both clearly of African descent. To say that if I’m gonna cast a movie, I’ve gotta hold a brown paper bag up to the actresses and say, ‘Oh sorry, you can’t play her.’ Who’s to decide when you’re black enough?

Johnson wants people to focus on the writing of the story and the acting, not so much on whether Zoe was black enough for the role.

Do you think Johnson has a point?

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Source: Hollywood Reporter


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