NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and Pro Bowl running back, Todd Gurley is just 21 years old, so a TMZ cameraman thought he might not be as well-versed on his boss Jay Z‘s discography as most.

Well, he was wrong and it cost him $100! Gurley was able to quickly win the bet within 5 seconds by saying Reasonable Doubt, The Black Album, and Magna Carta Holy Grail. Maybe TMZ camera man should of challenged the young running back by asking him to name ALL of Hov’s albums, not just 3.

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If you aren’t familiar with who Todd Gurly is here’s a quick rundown:
The former University of Georgia standout tore up the league this year, rushing for 1,106 yards in 229 carries and 10 touchdowns, becoming just the second Rams rookie to ever rush for 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns.

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