As the ongoing fight between Apple and the FBI rolls along about Apple creating a backdoor for the FBI, the engineers are reportedly already working on a way to make the process even harder for everyone: quitting.

Multiple former and current Apple employees told the New York Times that engineers are already planning what to do after court, speaking on the company’s “independent culture.”

Window Snyder, a past Apple employee and current chief security officer for Fastly, told the Times:

“If someone attempts to force them to work on something that’s outside their personal values, they can expect to find a position that’s a better fit somewhere else.”

 Mashable went on to comment stating that it could be made harder for the FBI by engineers simply just doing a bad job on purpose if court-ordered. Instead of straight up quitting and finding a job somewhere else, they could just purposely keep making delays and keep taking extended leaves of absence.

In a court filing earlier this week, Apple’s legal team described the FBI’s demands as “fundamentally offensive” to the company’s principles. The move, going against Apple, said it “would pose a severe threat to the autonomy of Apple and its engineers.”

What’s your opinion on this whole matter? Do you think Apple should just give in and let the FBI read the phone?

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