Migos member Offset spent the latter portion of 2015 behind bars, after a minor arrest with his group led to major time because of his prior record. Over the weekend, it looked like he might be back in hot water once again! The Atlanta rapper was pulled over for tinted windows, then ended up being taken in for an outstanding warrant over a parking ticket he’d received just before going to jail last April. But turns out, it was all a mistake!

After posting the $1900 bond to be released the next morning, Offset’s lawyer provided proof that his client had not only paid off the parking ticket previously, but the additional fee for not appearing in court to address the ticket as well. (That’s a total cost of $316.) Realizing their error, the court has moved to refund his bail (though it will take a few weeks,) and they’ve also dropped the ticket he’d received for his tints during the arrest.

For those wondering whether the arrest would have triggered more time because of his probation terms, Offset’s lawyer told FADER:

“It won’t interfere [with his probation], because it’s not committing an offense. It’s just not realizing you hadn’t paid a fine and paying it.”

Good thing he won’t have to worry either way!

Source: HNHH

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