Imagine not having to get or pay for your own translator when you go to a foreign country. On his most recent trip to Cuba, President Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia served as his translator for the trip. The First Family landed in Cuba on Sunday, so Obama could meet with Cuban leader Raul Castro.

Pete Souza,White House Photographer captured a picture of the encounter of Malia exercising her Spanish chops on Instagram. Obama visited a restaurant in Old Havana where he realized his Spanish was a little rusty. Thank God Malia was there to translate for him while he greeted the people.

FLOTUS, Malia, and Saha Obama also visited La Catedral de la Virgen Maria de la Concepcion Inmaculada while the president met with Raul Castro. On Thursday, the Obamas will head to Argentina to meet with the country’s new president Mauricio Macri.


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Source: Vibe

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