Ellen DeGeneres is always surprising someone with her huge heart, and this time she made a young man extremely happy!

Quincy Jones, a 32-year-old comedian who is battling Stage 4 mesothelioma, was told by doctors he had one year left to live in Summer 2015. Thanks to some of his friends, family and fellow comedians, a Kickstarter was launched to help raise money for him to have his own comedy special on TV. Something he definitely wanted to accomplish before it was all over.

Jones was first on Ellen’s show on March 15th and received a $10,000 boost up his funds for the show. He was then invited back for even better news from Ellen:

“Here’s the thing that you mentioned last time, that you want to do a comedy special. That’s really important for you to do a comedy special. So, what you don’t know (is) we called the head of HBO. And your people didn’t even tell you this, but HBO is going to air your special.”

Jones was super excited and happy, clapping and laughing as soon as he heard about it. DeGeneres and Shutterfly also gave him $15K to help him with the production costs! He said:

“Oh my God, this is the best surprise!”

He will be performing on Apr. 4 at the Terragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, and the special is coming out sometime this Spring.

Check out just how delighted he was to find this out below:

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