On November 12, 2015 A Tribe Called Quest (except Q Tip) stopped by Ebro In The Morning to speak about the re release of their classic debut album, People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm. The Queens natives continued to serve as a blueprint for current and future acts to come, especially with their debut masterpiece. The album turned 25 on November 13, 2015, the day after this interview. A special edition of the aforementioned album also dropped on the same day, which featured new remixes from CeeLo Green, J. Cole and Pharrell Williams. This would be Phife Dawg’s last visit to Hot 97.

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Ebro, Laura Stylez and Rosenberg shared laughs and knowledge with the Hip-Hop pioneers’ by breaking down what the group did throughout their career. Ebro and Jarobi spoke about the afrocentric movement, the dashiki’s and pointed out that Phife never wore them. Rosenberg and Phife spoke about the Knicks and his current health state.

“I’m ight I’m on a list for another kidney, the last started rejecting eventually; but I’m good though. I been through it before so I know where I’m at right now. So… Cant complain, I’m here”

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Ebro brought up the relationship between members and asked about a tour in the future. Phife answered “No,” stating “all good things must come to an end” and if it was up to him he would be cool with it; Ali and Jarobi agreed. Immediately after Rosenberg brings up Q Tip, Phife does a funny impression of the absent group member saying, “Why you talkin bout me? Why you talkin bout me?” Phife asked the hosts what happened to the “This is Hot 97” show and told them how much he loved it. They also spoke about the music business and relationship issues in music, groups in particular.

Despite the group and health issues Phife Dawg had to deal with, The Funky Diabetic said “He wants to tour everyday.” Phife had health issues for years, primarily with diabetes. In 2008′ he had a kidney transplant in to deal with his longtime battle with diabetes. Phife Dawg, who was an instrument of A Tribe Called Quest’s commercial and critical success, died Tuesday at the age of 45 from complications resulting from diabetes. He will be deeply missed.


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