In a feature article released by Bleacher Report on Wednesday, LeBron James told author Howard Beck that he would take a pay cut to play with some of his closest friends before their careers are over.

The articles, entitled “Brotherhood,” elaborates on the bond between James and Carmelo Anthony, as well as their friendships with Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade.

Although he acknowledged his proposal is far-fetched, James spoke about what he hopes could be a possibility towards the latter end of each player’s career.

“I really hope that, before our career is over, we can all play together. … At least one, maybe one or two seasons — me, Melo, D-Wade, CP — we can get a year in,” James said in the article. “I would actually take a pay cut to do that.”

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James also hinted that they have had conversations about possibly playing together in the future.

“I mean, we’ve had plenty of conversations,” James said. “We’ve been together for almost 15 years, so we’ve had plenty of conversations.

“It would definitely be cool if it happened, but we don’t know how realistic it could be to have us four. But, I mean, if you got an opportunity to work with three of your best friends [you take it], no matter what. It’s not even about sports. It’s about being around guys that you don’t even have to say nothing, you automatically know. We just have that type of history.”

Wade and Anthony shied away from the comments James made in the article.

“I’m not really jumping into the headlines right now,” Wade said. “For me, I’m focused on my teammates in here. As cool as the headlines is, that has nothing to do with what we’re trying to do in here.”

Anthony followed Wade’s remarks after his Knicks defeated the Chicago Bulls Wednesday night.

“I don’t know,” Anthony said. “We’ve still got years in this league, so we’ll see what happens. Everybody dreams sometimes. Everybody has fantasies.”

Wade and James played together for four seasons with the Miami Heat from 2010-2014, making four consecutive NBA Finals appearances and winning two titles along the way. The only other times these four have played with one another were during All-Star games and Team USA Men’s Olympic basketball.

If each player were to join forces on the same team at some point, it would have to be sooner rather than later. James (31), Anthony (31), and Wade (34) are all in their 13th season. Paul (30) is in his 11th season.

Each player remained skeptical about the possibility, taking focus on their respective teams over the chance of joining forces with one another.

Said James to Bleacher Report in the article: “It would be pretty cool.”


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