One more month and the NBA will change forever. Kobe will tuck his purple and gold #24 jersey away for good yes it’s true but wait it doesn’t end there. Kobe has no plans of looking back even not even for his own entertainment purposes.

Why is the question on everyone’s mind as the reason is not one anyone anticipated. The living NBA legend feels as though the games are ‘too long.’ After the Suns defeat over the Lakers he was asked whether or not he plans on watching games next season after his retirement and he stunned with his simple answer.

“It’s difficult for me to actually watch an entire game from start to end because the game is just too long,” he said. “It’s too long. I just can’t. It’s true, though. The game is like five hours.”

The truth is, NBA games are not five hours. They may run to three at the most. However we can take an educated guess that coming from a perspective with 20 years in league and God knows how many games under one’s belt each game must feel like a life time at this point in his career. All and all we sense the sentiment that Kobe is exhausted to the point he doesn’t even want to see a basketball after he’s done.

However, eventually the bliss of retirement will wear off and he is more than likely to find himself watching a basketball game subconsciously at some point.

Don’t worry, Kobe – you’re at the last stretch and surely the rest will be history.

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