We TV is set to premiere at new show tonight at 10pm, Sisters In Law, following five elite black female attorneys in Houston, TX. The BlameEbro team was invited to the pre-screening party last night so, of course, we have the inside scoop.

The show follows five black female attorneys, Jolanda, Rhonda, Monique, Vivian and Juanita through the ins and outs of their professional and personal life. The show actually follows the women into the courthouse and to crime scenes, something no reality show has done before. The central theme of the show is sisterhood despite their differences which will be very clear once you watch the show. The show also tackles issues such the closing of schools in Houston and Black Lives Matter.

It is no secret that a majority of attorneys ate white and male so WE Tv president Marc Juris said that he along with the Association of Black Women Attorneys thought it was necessary to shed light on the black women dominating in a white male dominated field. While the show has a positive side showing black women breaking barriers, it’s still reality television so the drama that glues you to the television is definitely there. Juris describes it as “hitting the shade but you get it with substance.”

Catch the first episode of Sisters In Law on We TV tonight at 10pm.

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