As fans and critics are getting anxious for Beyoncé’s newest release (known on the Internet as #B6), it appears as if Beyonce’s political stance will ruffle a few feathers during this era.

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According to The Beyhive, info/stan page @TheBeyHiveTeam (the most reliable Beyhive page along with Beylite), Beyonce is set to release a new video in which the parents of slain black teens Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and 12-year-old Tamir Rice are featured. Reportedly, the parents will all hold photos of their deceased sons in the clip.

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Over the past few years, Beyonce and Jay Z have donated handsomely to the Black Lives Matter movement, and reportedly bailed out several Black Lives Matter protesters during the Baltimore Uprisings, which spawned from Freddie Gray’s arrest and subsequent death.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed by Beyoncé or Parkwood Entertainment, but we’ll keep our eyes out for this new era.

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