New Atlanta rapper, 21 Savage was slated to perform at NYC’s Webster Hall, but the venue decided against it after alleged, strong advisory from the NYPD to cancel the show.

21 Savage has been called by producer, Metro Boomin’, “one of the last real street n****s making music.” Savage has a very violent past and has alleged affiliations with street gangs. So it’s no wonder that NYPD might have a problem with the young rapper performing in Manhattan’s Webster Hall. Although the NYPD has denied having anything to do with the cancellation, saying that the decision to cancel an event is purely up to Webster Hall, 21 Savage manager, Kei Henderson told Fader she thought otherwise, stating that New York doesn’t play when it comes to gun violence and Savage’s violent past and lyrics had something to do with his show being moved. Show organizer, Shabazz Varnie also said the NYPD can give the venue problems by forcing them to get extra security for the show, which could cost the venue extra money.

This isn’t the first instance where Webster Hall tried to get rid of a certain Hip-Hop audience. The venue recently cancelled their weekly Hip-Hop party and enforced a dress code. Varnie also talks about how Hip-Hop shows have been getting increasingly pushed to Brooklyn.“This whole getting shut down by the ‘hip-hop police’ isn’t a new thing, Varnie told Fader . “I am however worried that it’s going to get worse.”

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Source: The Fader


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