Azealia Banks is two for two.

After leaving the Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday to discuss her charges of misdemeanor assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct in December, after attacking a bouncer at New York City nightclub, Up&Down, Banks decided one assault just wasn’t enough. On her way out of the courthouse, the 24-year-old spazzed out on photographers as they snapped pictures of her leaving.

According to the Daily Mail, photographer Michael Graae said this about Banks’ demeanor, “She came out of court and started going towards a group of us photographers and journalists. She was pretty smiley until all of a sudden, she got really angry.”

Several pictures of Banks were taken documenting the assault outside the courthouse. She also took to Twitter to talk about the situation.


BlameEbro_Azaelia Banks

BlameEbro_Azaelia Banks

Hopefully, Azealia gets it together soon.

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Source: Perez Hilton

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