With under ten games remaining in his NBA career, Kobe Bryant is starting to take in more of what he grew accustomed to during his 20 years in the league. Sunday’s game against the Washington Wizards was no different.

Bryant, whose team fell 101-88, conducted the final interview in front of his locker, according to Lakers spokesman John Black. For the nine games left in his basketball career, Bryant will conduct all postgame media sessions in a press conference environment.

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“Am I going to miss any of this?” Bryant asked to the media surrounding him. “Probably. Maybe. Yeah. I’ve done a lot of interviews here standing in front of this locker and the one that I’ll always remember is the night that I ruptured my Achilles. Yeah, I’ll miss standing here and watching you [media] elbow each other [for position] and all that fun stuff.”

The night Bryant referred to was during an April 2013 game against the Warriors in which he ruptured his Achilles tendon and addressed the media while on crutches, with tears still in his eyes.

Bryant says he intends on playing in each of his team’s final games, the last coming April 13 against the Jazz.

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