Dammmmnnnnn Troy Ave and Joey Bada$$, back at it again with the disses. Troy Ave and Joey Badass beef continue as the Troy Ave released the visual treatment to his diss track “Badass,” and Joey took part of the 5 Fingers of Death freestyle session with Sway.

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Troy Ave kicks off the music video with public service announcement for suicide. A large part of this may have to do with with the backlash from several people, including Styles P, for making fun of the suicide of Captial Steez. The attempt by Troy Ave to be less crass about the subject of suicide does seem a bit phony when the song/video says some questionable things about Steez’s death.

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On the flip side, Joey Bada$$ appeared on Sway In The Morning on Tuesday (Mar. 29). The Brooklyn rapper got all of his feelings about Troy Ave by taking part in the 5 Fingers of Death freestyle session.

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For almost 8 minutes, Joey Bada$$ went hard, taking the moment to fire back at Troy Ave with a few eye-opening lines. “He did more dead than you ever did alive,” says Bada$$ to Troy Ave, referencing the controversial Capital Steez line on “Bad Ass… He took a leap of faith and only brightened his light, you took a cheap shot of hate and only shortened your life,” Joey went on.

“The difference between you and him is that he lives forever, you’ll be the first to die that nobody ever remembers…because the city never need you ever, you committed career suicide and made New York better.”

Troy Ave, responded via Instagram. He wasn’t impressed.

“A GUN IN YA (Drug Addict) FACE AND THATS ALL YOU CAN COME UP WITH,” Ave captioned. “backpack rapper I’m not gonna say ya $hit was garbage cause that would imply that I’m being malicious. So Ima tell u YOUR MUSIC IS NOT APPEALING OR A REFLECTION OF ANYTHING THAT REPRESENTS THE REAL NEW YORK CITY, the $treets don’t fuk wit u, maybe DUNBO, yea use a DUNBO, SOHO, 42nd Street Times Square Village People rapper.”

Will this feud ever end? See Troy Ave’s PSA and video for “BADASS” above.


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