Iggy has the right idea, when things get rough, focus your energy into something positive. For Iggy, that seems to be horseback riding.

After Nick Young’s teammate De’Angelo Russell secretly recorded him admitting to cheating on Iggy, sources have said the Young and Azalea are not in a good place while others claim that they are.

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 According to Perez Hilton, an NBA insider has said they are “doing well” despite the controversy. He also added that

“Nick and Iggy had a rough patch months ago and Nick got caught up in things he shouldn’t have been dabbling in… This has not been an ongoing problem between Iggy and Nick though, just a mistake. Nick really loves Iggy.”

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According to the source, Young and Azalea plan to talk and working things out. But on Twitter, a fan reached out to Iggy and said someone had a video and was waiting for Iggy to do something before she leaked it. Iggy response was very straight forward:

“If there is proof of cheating, she’d be doing me a favor to post it actually. I’m not tryna marry a cheater.”


While Iggy was horseback riding in Calabasas, Nick was in Miami getting ready for his game against the Heat.

Do you think Iggy and Nick will work it out? Let us know below.

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