Earlier today, Katt Williams made his court appearance and was indicted on drug and assault possession charges.  Williams was indicted for his arrest back in February, where he threatened his bodyguard.  Reportedly,  Williams was granted release on a $500 bond after being arrested for getting into a fight with 17-year-old Luke Walsh last week. According to Williams attorney, Drew Findling states all these cases made against Williams are simply allegations.

“From our perspective, all of these cases are suspect.  There was  police officer there for the entire event and he didn’t file charges. You look at all of them and there’s a warning sign that he’s a target. All of these allegations are just so clouded and when you’re talking about a high-visibility person like Katt Williams, you just have to be curious as to what is the motivation of the accusers.”

The judge also stated, “This was not a popular decision to have you released on bond.” The judge made it clear that she doesn’t want to see Williams again. Watch the video below.


Source: TMZ     USA Today

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