Jeanine Daniels does it all. She’s a director, an actress, a producer, a writer and so much more. She is the definition of “a creative.” Many know her for her creations on Black & Sexy TV. As a cofounder of BSTV, she created some of the most loved shows like “The Couple,” “That Guy,” “Becoming Nia,” and “Minute Man.” She’s curated musical soundtracks that has introduced indie artist to fans and music lovers alike.

In October 2015, she parted ways from Black & Sexy TV right before the series finale of “That Guy,” leaving fans stunned, confused and hurt. Long story short, she wasn’t happy, and she needed to grow into her own. Fans vowed to follow her to her next venture. So, a short time after her departure, she annouced the creation of her production company nine27Entertainment. A little over a month ago, she announced the crowdfunding for nine27Entertainment. She vowed to continue to push the envelope and create content that represents us.

She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s strong, she’s talented. She can fit in at the local hood club and in the boardroom. She represents being black and being a woman, she is a black woman, but she understands that this has more than one meaning. She’s created characters that that everyone from your grandma to your little brother can relate to. She is the woman affectionally known amongst friends and fans as Ms. Auntie Neen. I had the pleasure to sit down with this talented creative to talk about all her of plans (and fears) now that she has stepped out on her own.

Blame Ebro: You’re one of the cofounders of Black & Sexy TV, you’ve had a developmental deal with HBO, was it easy walking away from that chapter in your life to create nine27Entertainment?

Jeanine Daniels: “Going out on your own is always scary. You don’t know what’s out there, how your ideas and dreams will be received especially as a solo act. But in my heart, I know it was meanly chance to achieve true happiness, my art needed to be mine, and that was all the motivation I needed at the end of the day. So once my feelings settled, it felt liberating.”

Blame Ebro: You’re a beast in cinematography and scriptwriting. You are an amazing storyteller! How did you get into the entertainment industry, especially in guerrilla filmmaking?

Jeanine Daniels: “It started in high school. I decided to make a documentary about a local DJ named DJ Slimm. I never finished the project, but it stirred something in me. Stealing shots, doing whatever I had to do to get the shot, crafting scenes based on my resources, its like an adrenaline rush. And as I got older, I only got more addicted and in turn, better at it. And having zero dollars, well, you know, that pushes you even more to enter into guerrilla filmmaking.”

BE: On your Indiegogo campaign you state that you want to continue to create “unaplogetically creative” content. Describe what “unaplogetically creative” means.

JD: “‘Unaplogetically creative’ means that I’m not here to propel or dispel stereotypes. I’m here to create images that are raw, real and authentic, and you take from it what you will. I’m gonna show sex, drugs, abuse, happiness, love, the professional, the ratchet, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome. I don’t care whose feelings I hurt. It’s not my job to care. It’s my job to represent and represent accurately.”


BE: Fans were pissed/sad that they never saw the series finale of “That Guy.” What do you think it was about the show that resonated with fans?

JD: “That’s easy. They saw themselves. Everyone had a chance to say, ‘that’s me!’ or ‘that’s just like you!’ How often to we see people who look and act like us that have real life situations that we can identify with? Think about it. I’ma wait… There’s never been a show like it. Real? Fake? No one knew because it was that honest. And that’s what is usually missing on our screen. Honesty.”

BE: Have you already begun preproduction on any nine27Entertainment projects? Anything that you can tell?

JD: I’ve been building [a] writers’ room for two shows, collaborating with screenplay writers (cause I need help too) gathering musicians, pulling resources for productions, taking meetings, and I’m about to start casting soon!”

BE: You’re a huge music fan, not just of mainstream stuff, but you’re really deep into underground and Indie artists. Can we expect any music video production or music based programming from nine27Entertainment?

JD: “Yup! Nine27 Music Group is my collective of musicians, producers, and audio engineers. We’re currently building a site where we’ll release free mixtapes to the public once a month. The “THAT MIXTAPE” from indiegogo will be the first installation of this.”


BE: You’ve reached your goal of $30,000 with a day to spare. How overwhelming has the love been?

JD: “Well, I’ve cried like 5 times in the past 30 days, 3 of which happened within the last 3 days. I didn’t think people cared about “Jeanine,” I thought they only cared about “Deon” [her character from “That Guy”] and “the creator of THAT GUY.” So this whole experience has really opened my eyes to how much love and light God is surrounding me with and I can wait show it back through my art.”

BE: What will make nine27 stand out from the rest? What can we expect to see from you and from the company?

JD: “nine27 Entertainment is built off my gut, instincts, integrity and my love for my people. Off [the] top, I can’t think of another entertainment/production company with those same values, and that alone is what makes us stand apart from the rest.”

BE: Fill in the blank, “I wouldn’t be able to do this without ( ) & ( ), and tell us why.

JD: “God and my mom. God brought me here, and my mom kept me here.”

BE: When it’s all said and done and you “retire,” what would you like your legacy say about you?

JD: “I want my legacy to say that I created authentically for the betterment of my people and that I helped change the course of history for my people.”

BE: If anyone wanted to donate after your Indiegogo campaign ends, how can they go about doing that?

JD: “The campaign ends at midnight, but they can keep donating for up to a week!”

BE: Because I know someone is going to ask… Are you or do you plan on hiring? [laughs]


Jeanine can be found on twitter here, @MsAuntieNeen. While she has reached her goals, she still needs a little more for equipment and production cost. You have one more week to donate to her Indiegogo. You can do that, as well as see in detail what shows are in preproduction here.

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