For the first time since being hospitalized in Nevada last October, Lamar Odom watched a NBA game thanks to former teammate Kobe Bryant.

Bryant left Odom two court side tickets for the Lakers’ home game against the Miami Heat at Staples Center.

At certain points before and during the game, Odom was seen with several notable people involved with the Lakers organization, including president Jeanie Buss and all-time great center Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. As he left the arena after the game, Odom was seen talking with Bryant and former Heat teammate Dwyane Wade.

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Bryant called Odom’s recovery a “miracle,” according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, adding that seeing him in the condition he’s in today as compared to when he was in a coma after being found unconscious in a brothel is a blessing.

“This is home for him. It’s been this way for many, many years,” Bryant said after the game. “It’s just the feeling of being home and being loved, because we all love him and that’s never going to change. L.A. loves him. We all appreciate the championships that he brought here. Without him, there’s no way that we win any of those titles.”

As he walked out of Staples Center, he turned to Shelburne and said:

“It was awesome. I got goosebumps.”

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