D’Angelo Russell has had the worst week ever. After footage he filmed of Nick Young admitting to cheating on fiancé Iggy Azalea made its way online, his relationship with his teammates has been on a downward spiral.

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Many believe that Russell broke “guy code,” he was even booed at a recent home game. Now, former Lakers player, Matt Barnes speaks out about the incident and he’s using this as an opprounity to take a jab at former teammate Derek Fisher.

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To catch you up, Derek Fisher is dating Matt Barnes estranged wife/former “Basketball Wives” star, Gloria Govan. When Barnes caught wind of their relationship, he drove 90 miles to offer the former Knicks coach the fade. Barnes was fined $35K by the NBA for the fight, but that’s not stopping the hate in Barnes’ heart.

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So yesterday (March 31), Barnes posted a meme that mocks Derek Fisher obliviousness to “guy code” standards, which also references D’Angelo Russell’s recent flob. Check it out below.


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