Desiigner‘s “Panda” has been receiving major buzz since debuting on Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo back in Febuary.

At Friday night’s (April 1) boxing bout between Adrian Broner and Ashley Theophane in Washington, D.C., Desiigner escorted Broner from the dressing room to the ring by performing “Panda” to hype up the crowd before the fight began.

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Following Broner’s win, Broner took time to address inflammatory comments made by Floyd Mayweather Jr.. Last week, Mayweather spoke with Fight Hype and accused Broner of having an alcohol problem and having several other issues that he needs to work on.

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“Adrien Broner, his nickname is ‘The Problem.’ I think he has a lot of problems,” said Floyd. “Adrien Broner was just an alcoholic six months ago. One thing I’m trying to find out about Adrien Broner, is he a boxing promoter, is he a rapper, is he a porn star, or is he a gangster? Like I said before, ‘The Problem,’ that’s what Adrien Broner likes to call himself, if I’m not mistaken. The problem that he really needs to focus on is his problem in Cincinnati. We’re talking about ‘The Problem,’ Adrien Broner.”

So after the win, Broner took the opprounity to challenge Mayweather, who was sitting ringside, to a fight.

“Floyd has gotta see me. Point, blank period,” he said. “I’m a man at the end of the day, and I come from the streets, the trenches, man. I come from nothin’….and I will never let a man disrespect me. So he gotta see me. I don’t care if we spar or we fight. Let’s get it on.”

Mayweather is currently retired, so good luck with that.

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