The roller-coaster journey Greg Hardy has set himself into has grown ever worse.

In an exclusive ESPN sit-down interview with Adam Schefter, Hardy denied assaulting former girlfriend Nicole Holder nearly two years ago. Hardy, 27, was accused of choking Holder, grabbing her by the hair, dragging her across rooms and throwing her on a couch full of loaded assault rifles, where he threatened to kill her.

“I’ve never put my hand on any women,” Hardy said to Schefter.

Hardy was then challenged to answer the question of the pictures showing Holder bruised and battered all over her body, as evidenced by the police station she went to.

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“Pictures are pictures, and they can be made to look like whatever they want to,” he said. “I didn’t say I didn’t do anything wrong. That situation occurred and that situation was handled, but as a man you can’t avoid situations that aren’t your fault or are your fault.”

The case against Hardy was dismissed in February 2015 after Holder stopped working with authorities. Later that year, he filed a petition to have the domestic violence charges removed from his criminal record.

The NFL issued a 10-game suspension to Hardy for multiple code of conduct violations stemming from the domestic violence case with Holder, but was later reduced to four after an appeal.

“Saying I did nothing wrong is a stretch, but saying I’m innocent is correct, sir,” Hardy said to Schefter, adding that doing so would go against his southern upbringing.

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