After two years of battling in court, Nicki Minaj has reached a settlement with her former wig maker.

Terrence Davidson filed documents Friday (April 1) to dismiss his $30 million lawsuit against the Queens rapper, according to The Jasmine Brand.

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The case was first filed in February, 2014. Davidson claimed that Minaj didn’t properly pay him for his work for creating her signature wigs. He claimed after they stopped their business relationship, she stole his wig designs and was selling them to the public. He also claimed that she promised to do a reality show with him that never happened. Minaj replied that she never had any formal contracts with Davidson and that hairstyles are not able to be trademarked.

Originally Minaj won the case, however, Daidson took the case to appeals court, which ruled in his favor, saying that the oral agreement between the them was enough to garner a case. The court said that under their agreement, Davidson would make wigs for Minaj’s personal use and she broke that contract by taking his designs to the marketplace.

Upon dismissing the case, Davidson now revokes all claims against Minaj.

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Source: The Jasmine Brand

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