Floyd Mayweather Sr. has openly talked about him wanting to fight Adrien Broner himself. Broner called out Floyd Mayweather Jr. after he beat Ashley Theophane on Friday night, claiming that he’d been disrespected by Mayweather. Amid talk about the two actually fighting, Mayweather Sr. is now clearing the air and came for Broner himself: 

Oh man, listen. That is joke time man. You know that was April Fool’s Day. Don’t believe it. It ain’t happening. It is not true. All it is is for attention. I am telling you this right now—you can put this on the news if you want to—you tell Broner to come down here to the gym and I will whip his ass; I will whip the s–t out of him. I will probably stop him. I ain’t like my son. I will probably stop his ass. I ain’t just standing here. I am standing here in front of all y’all. Y’all can tell him. Make sure it is known.

Watch Broner fully and confidently call out Mayweather after his victory below:

As you can see what Mayweather’s reaction was, he thinks that was the biggest April Fools joke. Check out a video of him reacting with a statement:

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