Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as far as big wins are concerned, are leading the way. It also marked the end of Marco Rubio’s bid for presidency. Today, a more quieter primary took place as the citizens of Wisconsin head to the polls.

Donald Trump, who’s absurdly huge following is still on board despite his controversial remarks like women should be punished for abortions, is not doing to well with Wisconsin voters. Part of the reason why Trump may be slow in the polls is because Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has endorsed Ted Cruz.

For the Democrats, it is said to be a close race. Hillary maybe losing momentum seeing as though Bernie Sanders has won the last three caucuses by large amounts. The two candidates have announced that they will face off in a ninth democratic debate in Sanders hometown of Brooklyn, NY on April 14th ahead of the primaries on April 19th. Last week Sanders held a rally in the Bronx and had an amazing turn out.

For the Wisconsin primaries, here are the results:

Democrat Winner: Bernie Sanders

Republican Winner: Ted Cruz

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