Beyoncé doesn’t play with her craft, her family, her money or her brand and a Texas company is learning that the hard way.

TMZ reports that Beyoncé is taking a company called Feyonce Inc. to court for selling shirts, mugs and other products with the phrase “Feyonce” on them. The pop star claims the brand is too close to her own name.

Beyoncé ‘s lawyers filed a complaint in Manhattan federal court, claiming that Feyonce Inc’s merchandise “confuses consumers and causes her irreparable harm, and that the defendants have ignored her requests to stop.”

It’s not just Bey’s name the merch invokes; among Feyonce Inc’s products is a mug with the phrase “he put a ring on it,” which is a play on the “put the ring on it” line from Beyoncé’s single “Single Ladies.”

“Defendants adopted the Feyonce mark to call to mind Beyoncé and her famous song,” the lawsuit reads. “Defendants’ conduct described herein is intentional, fraudulent, malicious, willful and wanton.”

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