Committing to a controversial role is never easy and for Cuba Gooding Jr, playing O.J. Simpson was quite the challenge.

WATCH: Cuba Gooding Jr tries to eat fan’s phone

In a interview with FOX411, Cuba says playing the part of O.J. really gave him a new understanding of what needs to be done to effectively play such twisted role. “There really is a darkness when you are playing someone psychotic,” the Oscar-winning actor said. “You have to go there mentally. It’s almost like we look over a cliff and picture yourself falling so that gives you a fear of it. So this is falling for six months and kind of what that means to you.”

The People v. OJ Simpson has America hooked. It reeled in 8.3 million viewers for the premiere episode, beating FX’s previously highest-rated shows, “American Horror Story” and “The Shield.” The masterfully crafted miniseries ended its television run on Tuesday night.

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